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Material Composition of Lanyards

Neck lanyards are not difficult to identify, and because they are generally at a finished length of 17 inches and have the same structure across all manufacturers, there isn’t much variety in these lanyards with the exception of the design imprinted on them. In terms of material composition, neck lanyards can be very different, which in turn affects the design and the print. Here is a breakdown of the possible materials that manufacturers could use in producing their lanyards:

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

For anyone who is looking to have multiple colors on each side of the lanyard, this material and procedure will do the product justice. These lanyards are made from white polyester. From there, the base color (or colors) is applied, followed by the imprint of the custom design. Unlike the screen printing and hot stamping procedures, dye sublimation transfers the imprint onto the lanyard instead of the imprint sitting on hot material. The transfer involves containing the imprint on paper and because of that, the chances of the imprint scraping or wearing out is decreased. Given that this procedure is slightly more complicated but also produces the best quality lanyards, dye sublimated lanyards are a bit pricier than other materials.

Polyester Printed Lanyards

These are the most popular types of lanyard as they have a low cost despite being made from a great and sturdy material. The material itself comes in an assortment of colors, so anyone who wants to order neck lanyards just need to choose the color and then the imprint, along with its font. Unfortunately imprints for these lanyards can only be in one color. After choosing the imprint, the design will be silkscreen printed, a process that is also used with mugs and t-shirts, so that the details in your design will be printed clearly onto the material.

Nylon Printed Lanyards

neck lanyardsSome people dislike the roughness of the polyester, so they opt for the nylon alternative. The great thing about nylon lanyards is that the material is smooth and high quality. Imprints of these lanyards also go through the silkscreen process. If a customer requires a complicated design or a detailed logo on their lanyards, nylon would be his best bet. Organizers of large corporate meetings like trade shows, conferences and seminars tend to use nylon printed lanyards, demonstrating that this material works well for anything corporate. Nylon is slightly more expensive than polyester.

Woven Lanyards

These kinds of neck lanyards are also made out polyester but the printing process is not the same as the polyester printed lanyards. As the name indicates, the logo or design is actually woven into the material. Woven lanyards are best suited for minimalistic texts and designs. Advantages of using this material include the ability to produce smooth results and the ability to prevent the wearing off of the design.

Tubular Printed Lanyards

This is the cheapest as well as the most comfortable option out of all the materials used for lanyards. Tubular lanyards are also made from polyester, however it undergoes a tube stitch procedure that makes the material much softer than the others. The feel of the tubular lanyard is reminiscent of a shoelace. After the tube stitch, the custom designs and text will be silkscreened onto the lanyard.

There is also the choice of ordering blank lanyards made from any of the materials above for the functionality of the product instead of design. People who order blank neck lanyards usually use them for big events. Whether one chooses to have imprints or designs on the lanyard, he has lots of options with the variety of materials that the manufacturers make available.