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Plus – Minus: Advantages and Disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are electronic boards that have copper tracks. The boards are made of glass fabricated plastic. The copper acts as the wire which connects the components. Holes are drilled so that the components will be properly placed. They are also soldered for a stronger hold. The top side of the PCB is the component side and the lower side is the track side. Once the components are placed and soldered, the circuit will already run.

Now, printed circuit boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is still one of the most convenient boards to use.

Disadvantages of Printed Circuit BoardsPCBs

There are four disadvantages of using PCBs. Since bread boards are also a type of electronic board, it would be easier to compare it to PCBs.

1. You need different designs for different circuits.

Unlike the bread board, PCBs are fixed. Once you have designed it for a specific circuit, you cannot use it for another kind of circuit.

2. Updating is not Possible

Once you have printed it, you cannot add parts. You should reprint the design over again. This is actually a hassle when you just need to add one component to test a specific circuit.

3. When Damaged, It is hard to repair

Once it gets damaged, for example a short circuit or overheating, it would be hard or impossible to fix it. Compared to the bread board, you can just remove the components and replace the damaged parts.

4. Etching of PCBs are sometimes harmful to the environment

There are chemicals used in etching that is harmful for the environment. If you are an environment friendly advocate, PCBs would be the least kind of board you may want to choose.

Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

The disadvantages of PCBs are actually minor and not a big deal. There are actually more advantages than disadvantages. Here are those.

1. Short Circuit and Wrong Wiring is Minimal

Because the copper tracks are embedded on the board, there is a lower chance that there would be short circuits or wrong wiring. Plus, this circuit is already been designed on a computer which means it has been tested for errors. There are applications wherein you can design your boards test it before you print it.

2. No need to inspect it

As it was said on the previous point, since it is designed on the computer, you do not need further inspection. You will not have to worry about broken circuits. There is a bigger possibility that it will work than manually making the board. Printed circuits are very easy to use.

3. Components are Fixed

This makes the circuit board simple. No more complex wires attached all over the board. No more loose components. Everything is fixed and the components are easy to identify. Also, the maintenance of the components is easier because of the simplicity of its look.

4. Ideal for Reproduction

If you will be using a number of circuit boards of the same design, PCBs have a larger advantage. Uniformity of the design is a plus because it is printed from the computer. Every board will be exactly the same as the previous. In manually attaching the components without a guide like the PCBs, it would be hard to create something identical.

5. Cheaper with Mass Production

If you are going to reproduce one design, PCBs are cheaper. You just need to print your design and etch it in a piece of copper board. Plus, it is easy to create. You can create multiple boards at a time.

So, if you are wandering about what kind of board to use, PCBs have the cheapest, easiest and fastest manufacturing compared to other boards.

Owning a Water Mister

Misters have been around for a long time now. They were first invented and used during the 1950’s when they were originally used to help keep livestock cool. Livestock owners wanted to keep their livestock healthy and comfortable during the summer. The problem was that they couldn’t come up with a cost-effective solution until they came up with the mist fan.

Mist fans are also commonly seen in large outdoor events. They are used to create chill zones for those who want to take a break due to heat exhaustion.

The low cost and the cool sensation it provides is starting to make the mist fan a staple in a lot of households. Those who already own misters need to learn how to take care of one. Not properly taking care of a mist fan can lead to dire consequences that can lead to a drop in its performance.

Cleaning the blades

A mist fan is just like an electric fan in that it uses a bunch of fan blades in order to generate a gust of wind. The fan blades are angled in such a way that it is able to draw air from the rear so it can blow it to the front. What makes the mist fan different is that it is able to cool the air by simply adding mist to the equation.

Like a lot of other household appliances, the mist fan’s blades require a little bit of maintenance in the form of cleaning. Keeping the blades of misters clean will simply make the air a bit fresher. No one wants to have air blown against their face if it’s mixed with a lot of dust that comes from the fan’s blades.

Cleaning these blades is as simple as wiping off the dust. Disassembling the mist fan should be simple and easy. It should not require any sort of special tool in order to disassemble. When in doubt, look at the user’s manual on steps on how to disassemble and clean the fan blades.

Performing maintenance on the water pump

Mist fans work because of one special feature that regular electric fans don’t: water pumps. The water pump is responsible for spraying the tiny micron-sized droplets of water that help cool the air. There are essentially two different water pumps, nozzles, and centrifugal mist plates. Either way, both also require some maintenance.

Cleaning the water pump system will help minimize the amount of dust or dirt that gets mixed in with the water. This will help make sure that the comfortable breeze won’t just be cool, but also clean.

Cleaning the water pump will also avoid any clogging issues, which are a problem on most mist fans that use a nozzle system. Cleaning the water pump isn’t too much of an effort and should be done at least once or twice a year.

Using it in the right settings

There are different kinds of mist fans. Some mist fans are big; others are small, while others are sandwiched in between them. Some mist fans are made of plastic while others are made of metal. The design of mist fans aren’t incidental.

Each mist fan needs to be used properly. Knowing how to use them the right way can avoid a potential breakdown. Plastic mist fans, for example, should only be used indoors. Using them outdoors exposes the fan to the elements. Most plastic mist fans are incapable of withstanding the punishment the outdoors can deal.

Mist fans also work more efficiently if positive pressure is taken into consideration when they’re used. The user’s manual and the internet are full of information on other ways on how to make the most out of misters.

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